A Memorable Wedding Reception

Weddings are now considered events, and many brides and grooms go to great lengths to ensure their guests have as memorable a day as they do. When it comes to the wedding reception, a sedate meal with toasts is only the beginning of the festivities planned. Modern brides and grooms have turned their wedding receptions into a showcase complete with choreographed dancing, personalized champagne glasses and extravagant entertainment for those who attend.

The first dance of any reception has long been reserved for the newly married couple, but today’s brides and grooms often put on a show for their guests. Swing music is gaining in popularity once again, and couples take lessons to make their first dance together one that no attendee will forget. Some couples prefer the saucy Latino sounds of salsa or meringue, and this gives them a chance to relax and enjoy the party. No matter the music, it will be a good time for all who attend the reception.

In the past, matchbooks were often a personalized favor taken home by guests. Most facilities no longer allow smoking, and these long time favorites have become an item of the past. Many couples now choose to personalize the champagne glasses their guests will use in the ritual toast. Glass transfers are easy to design and affix to the glasses. Some couples choose glass decals rather than laser printing because it holds down the cost when they have a large wedding.

Entertainment is all part of the fun during a wedding reception, and modern couples now have a number of options available. Some hire comedians to entertain the crowd, and others prefer the impressive noise and sparkling beauty of fireworks. No matter what entertainment is chosen, music and dancing are still an important part of any modern wedding reception.