A Choice of Churches


Marriage of Different Faiths

There have always been people of different faiths who met, fell in love and chose to marry. In the past, many religions would forbid marriage unless both people were members of the church. Conversion was a major religious goal, and churches were strict with their rules. Many of today’s religious institutions allow interfaith marriages, and conversion is no longer a stumbling block for couples.

When two people getting married are of different faiths, it takes a concerted effort from both families to ensure their religious traditions are included. They must often obtain special permission to hold an ecumenical ceremony in a church or other religious building, and this is the first step in wedding planning. Once permission has been obtained, it is up to the bride and groom how the rest of their wedding will proceed.

Many modern brides spend the early part of their wedding day surrounded by their attendants, friends and family. They plan group activities such as getting all the women’s hair styled together, and they have a wedding makeup artist to ensure everyone will look perfect in the photos and videos of the ceremony. Some brides also offer manicures and pedicures for their attendants, the mothers of the couple and special friends. These activities are all part of the primping and camaraderie before the father of the bride walks her down the aisle.

Modern grooms seem to require less personal attention, and many of them have taken on the role of ensuring everything at the church is perfect. Their goal is guarantee the ceremony will go off without a hitch, and they make sure the flowers have been delivered and the male attendants are ready to seat the guests as they arrive. They also work to see that the music will be perfect, and check on the readiness of the wedding violinist, church organist or wedding saxophonist who has been hired for the ceremony.